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Big Writing Best Bits

29 Jan 2013

Big Writing January 2013

We each wrote a story in the style of author Michael Murpurgo.

We have been reading a lot of his work over the past three weeks as we have been studying significant children's authors.

Our Big Writing theme was:
A Lonely Child Meets An Animal...

Here are some excerpts from our stories:

The funny thing was that he had just hatched and he kept on falling over…
Omar A
I couldn’t possibly stay there, she thought as she walked through the darkened forest, stars gleaming in the night sky… She rode across the fields at full speed gallop…
Bob felt tears building up inside him as if there was a dam blocking his tear ducts, but when that dam bursts he wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer…

Jimmy woke up, he felt drowsy from the movie last night. He drew his curtains…

I did what no kid has done before but I did it. I ran away, you think it would be a good thing but no, it’s not… I thought could things get any worse? Could they? But they did!
The moment he got to the door he braced himself and hoped for the best. However, he didn’t get lectured as he walked in…
Pi ran up the stairs like a lion jumping for its prey…

Betty sat daydreaming on the bench playing with her fingers while happy children passed her with delight…She was a lonely, unhappy child so no mother or father would be interested in her…

It was such a horrible feeling knowing that at any time your home could just blow up. We lived in a small village, nowhere in particular…

Bang! Helen jumped, her beautiful blondish hair flew around. Oh no! They have locked up the school!

A lonely child sits at home until he finds a leopard in his basement and tries to sneak it upstairs…

“Come on let’s go,” I whispered and we ran off. We had a race to the park, both taking different ways. On my way I passed an animal…
Emily got dressed and went down to the seaside. She sat on the highest rock. Suddenly she heard squealing. She climbed down to see what it was…

Next to a field, in a dark alley lived a boy. He was so lonely he didn't have anywhere to go. He had always dreamed of meeting his family, but he couldn't because he was an orphan.

As quick as a flash James ran right out and climbed over the gate into the sunny forest. He was running and running, never wanting to stop. However, he did because something fell into his bag…

Jack is an ordinary boy, but the only thing is that he lives in the circus…Jack wishes he could live with his mum but he knows it will never happen. All of the other people make fun of him because he is a child.

“Look Daddy, it’s a horse. Can we keep it?” said the boy.
“No son, you don’t know who it belongs to and where it has been!” replied his dad.
“I knew you wouldn’t let me,” the boy said to himself and stomped off but he said it a bit too loudly and the dad heard…

I walked through the forest and I met a raccoon called Fluffy. He had large eyes, a big stripy tail and shiny fur. But he wasn’t a normal raccoon…

Sometimes there are things in life, things that don’t have an explanation, weird but wonderful things that you have to be in the right place at the right time to witness. These things are called miracles…

Finn wanted to go in but he got caught in barbed wire and I was trying to get Finn out but I couldn’t. He was trapped for too long and he passed away. I walked back to the boarding school…

Harry looked around, he wasn’t interested.
“Harry you idiot, you let them score!” screamed Basher with fury. Basher grabbed Harry by his shirt and punched him 10 times! POW BANG BOOM!

All of a sudden the door slammed back and a giant wooden hand pulled John in. Max sprinted to his house and snatched his torch from his table and walked into the mysterious house and believe me he was terrified! He had to walk up these creaky old stairs…

It all started when like most days I was in my room. It was my temper again. They say that I have a hot, fiery temper that matches my long red hair.

Harry scampered away from the school gates not knowing where he was going… Harry found himself at the foot of a hill. Harry started to run up it. Finally he reached the top then he slipped. Down Down Down he went until he stopped in a field with long shimmering grass.

“Go to your room NOW!” said Jack’s mum in a very loud voice, then Jack said, “OK, ok I will, gosh!” Therefore Jack went up to his room.
My parents never pay any attention to me, only when I do bad things they tell me off.
“I wish there was a way to escape!” said Jack…

The next day he was at the gate waiting for me, I was frightened and I had no friends to help. Suddenly the bell went, he went. That was close.

It was a very hot day, it was in mid-June. Steve was at school flicking rubbers and pencils when suddenly the teacher said proudly, “”We have a new classmate. He is called Bob the fish.” Steve could not bare animals…

One of the new born (monkey) babies gave me a cheeky smile but there was something really special about it. It was her first smile and she chose to give it to me!


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