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Save the Rainforest!

14 Nov 2012

5AA Compose and Present some Powerful Arguments

Louis, Josie & Mateo
The trees and animals are dying because people keep cutting them down and do you care about it? No! So you need to    stop burning and cutting them down. You’re killing the plants and animals and people plants can be used for medicine and you need trees for oxygen and if you keep burning and cutting them down the animals and other people will die.    People a losing their plants and lives and oxygen from the trees. The destruction its causing is killing people so stop cutting them down.  

Evie, James & Luen
We are here today to save the rainforest. Us three and about 40 per cent of you people try to save it but the other 60 per cent just waste it away. We say thank you to the people who do try to help but the rest of you treat it like trash. Think of all those animals whose homes have been lost because of you. We need trees to live! Recycle people, and stop global warming! The size of Britain goes up in smoke every year! Don’t cut down trees, respect our planet! We’re losing animals and all the medicines and food because of us. We need to recycle more! Save the rainforest!

Anna, Omar & Jessie
How would you like it if your home was being destroyed? You wouldn’t would you? So stop destroying the animals’ and jungle people’s home. We might be losing forever cures for crippling diseases. To all the civilised men out there don’t grow crops in the rainforests and you know you’re not civilised because you are the ones who are destroying it and civilised people don’t do that! Remember to not waste paper because it is bad for the environment and as well as humans, animals will lose their homes.

Emily, Thomas & Khiyana
Are you a bully? Are you a Meany? Do you care? You may not know this but animals have lives, animals have feelings. How would you feel if people were destroying your home? Just so people could benefit from it. I for one don’t but others do. The forest is being destroyed. Our wildlife is disappearing. Some of the plants are being destroyed that could save children’s lives. One chop of a plant or a tree can kill a whole family of monkeys. If this keeps on millions of animals will become extinked you’re not just destroying animal’s homes but you’re also destroying people’s homes. I know is your fault! You are killing us all. If you keep this up you are killing fresh air. Why why are you killing animals?

            Ella, Kirsty& Fergus
Why cut down trees and destroy the rainforest also you are killing the animal’s homes? About 50 rainforests get cut down each day. There are about 200 million tribal people living in the rain forests what if you were one of them and they came and destroyed your home? Imagine people were coming and picking you up every 5 or 6 minutes. Lots of medicines come from rainforests if you think, tree cutters are making people sick! Imagine if you were an animal and you got sent away from home. If you want to kill every living thing in the rainforest you’re wrong. We’re all the same in a way. They are innocent creatures. If you want cut down the rainforest do, but think who you are letting down! What if you were having a peaceful sleep and then all night this chainsaw was getting louder and louder with every second. It takes a long time for trees to grow, why can’t you respect the rainforest? Life is in the tree and on the top. Don’t cut down trees! They are living things if you think about it!


                Robbie, Kemal, Poppy &Kiera
You there, do you care about the rainforest? People are cutting down all the trees! It endangers all the animals! If trees are chopped down bears won’t be able to scratch their backs! But most importantly people live in the rainforest and they might die if a tree falls on them! The rainforest plants are being squashed! There will not be any medicine! Also monkeys won’t have anything to climb! And trees give us oxygen so if there isn’t any oxygen animals and plants will die! All you tree huggers don’t chop down the trees! What have they done to you? Fifty species of animals die every day! So you are the loser if you chop down the trees!


Max, Barney, Anna, & Rachel
Rainforests are being destroyed to make way for (un) civilized men, to make timber and develop (not) land. Lots of animals are being lost. Fast. There are still medicines to be found but silly people cut them down. Trees provide oxygen which helps us breath. If animals die we will not be able to eat food like pork. If animals die then the human race will be gone too. When plants are gone the world will be badly polluted. It’s all their fault. We wouldn’t be in this horrific state if all these trees keep chopping down. Do you want to destroy this astonishing landscape? “ No” The wild life is breath-taking.So look at the rain forest appeal and you will save your rainforest. Some rainforests are out of this world. The rainforest is inspiring. When we chop down a tree we are losing oxygen and an animal’s home.

Jessica, Stanley & Sammy
Do you want to destroy the richest of the rainforest? I know I don’t .Rainforests are being destroyed to make way for “civilized” man to grow crops, to provide timber and to develop the land .But actually we are losing things that we need. Rainforests provide plants that cure things, animals that are rare and the people in the rainforests know what plants heal people. If we destroy rainforests we will not have medicines that we need. There are exotic animals in the rain forest like the Komodo dragon and the huge Atlantic moth. They are unique to the rainforest. We are losing more than 50 animals a day. Why are you letting this happen? Build up a gang to help us keep our rainforests. Think of your animal.

Isabel, Samuel & Ned
Did you know that about half the world’s rainforest have disappeared that’s about the rainforest of England Scotland and Wales. We need to do something about the rainforest dying out. People are trying to make way for crops, destroying our rainforest. People need to do something instead of destroying it. We can save it. The little rosy-periwinkle found in Madagascar that helps save children with leukaemia is becoming extinct. We are losing species at an astonishing rate because of the destruction of the rainforest. About 1 every half hour disappears off the face of the earth forever. There are thought to be about 200 million tribal people living in the rainforest so it affects them too and their land is in danger. Do you want animals to become extinct? Well save the rainforest. We can do it!


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