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Science Experiments! 2EL

22 Mar 2013

Our 'Capillary action' experiment. ( 'sucking up' like throgh a straw) Try this with celery too! You will see results even quicker!

We have made predictions of what we think would happen and have been observing what is happening this week, Children can you add a comment below to tell parents and carers in 2EL what is happening?  Why did we need food colouring? Can you remember the 'grown up' word for a statement you could make after the experiment has finished and we have seen the results? This statement will be what you think now, having carried out this experiment. This could then be tested further.
Clue: It begins with 'h' and ends with 's'.
Can anyone remember the special tubes inside plants that are used for sucking up liquid and minerals? Write your answers in the comments section.

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