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Our topic for the next half term.

25 Oct 2012


Our topic next half term will be 'Inventions'.

If you would like to investigate/research inventors or inventions during the holidays and share it with us on our return to school     that would be fantastic! There is a cartoon on CBBC based around Leonardo da Vinci  which may be a fun way to learn. In history next term we will be researching 'famous people' which could also be linked to the topic of inventors/inventions. 

If there are any parents with a special interest or knowledge in this are then do let us know if you'd like to come in and share that with the children. 

Your welcome to bring in any toys, books or other resources related to this topic, especially 'flying toys!' as the book we will be reading is related to flying. Our Science topic is 'forces and movement' which we will link to gravity and the forces affecting flying.

We look forward to seeing you in November and hope you have an exciting half term!

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