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Extracts from our BIG WRITING

04 Oct 2013

Our BIG WRITING TASK - September 2013
To write an informal letter in the role of the soldier to his mother from the novel:  The Silver Donkey.
These are some extracts from our letters.............

It was devastating seeing Ernie die.  He was my buddy, my one and only buddy!  He used to crack up the most silliest joke.  He was funny. Sadly he is gone.  Luckily, I was able to escape the dreadful war.....
By: Zadie

However, since my eyes have given up seeing, I have found friendly company.  I know that I ran off and didn't get pardoned from service but now I can get back, that is all that matters, even though I am terrified that the commanders and the higher-ups will find me. You may be wondering who my friendly company is.  The answer to that is two darling little French girls and their brother.  They have been keeping me and my morale up this whole time.
By Henry

As I was fighting confidently and bravely in the muddy trenches, my commander alerted me that an important letter has arrived for me.  After reading the letter sent by you my heart felt sore.  I am so worried about John.  My mind was filled with the blackest of thoughts.
By Bahar

The war was frightening.  I heard shrieks of outrage and cries of agony, however, I can remeber the talents of the men in my platoon:  Tommy Drake bred goldfish, Joe Webster carved furniture from wood, Eddy Hobbs had a gift of drawing, Arthur harris could play the flute and a swinging gate chopped the tip of Will Palmer's left thumb.
By Luc

The war was too scary!  I was a Lieutenant, I didn't want to be though.  I had to write telegrams to hopeful families waiting for their special folk to return.  I have been found!  Luckily it was by two young girls and their older brother.  They bring me lovely food.  Their names are Coco, Marcelle and Pascal.  I tell them stories in return for their kindness.  I am determined to get home......
By Tilly


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Tilly had fun when she did big writing.
Mrs Jo Wakefield - 08 Nov 2013 - 18:12
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