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Year 4 Autumn Second half Term Newsletter
Mrs Chetty
08 Nov 2018
Year 4 Autumn First Half Term Newsletter
10 Sep 2018








Spring 2nd Half Newsletter in Year 4

28 Feb 2014

Spring 2nd half newsletter
Year 4 Spring Newsletter Second Half Term 2013
28th February 2014
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                              Year 4 Spring Newsletter Second Half term 2014

Well, who would have believed that we are already half-way through Year 4?
We have had a great half term and crammed so much into it.
Here is a summary of what is coming up this half term:

We are continuing with our theme Location! Location! Location!
In English we will be looking at how to use persuasion in our writing and at stories that raise issues and dilemmas. We will be reading the novel 'Varjak Paw'. The Big Write focus will be linking paragraphs, using descriptive phrases and using different ways to start sentences. We will also continue to work on our comprehension and grammar skills.

In Maths, areas of study will include Measuring perimeter and knowing the difference between area/perimeter, constructing and interpreting bar graphs, adding numbers by partitioning, estimating and checking by approximating. Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers, using appropriate ways of calculating to solve problems. Adding/subtracting near multiples of 10 from 2- or 3- digit numbers. Adding HTU using formal/informal written methods, estimating and checking by approximating.  Using doubling, ×6 multiplication/division and related facts. Comparing and ordering fractions; locating fractions on number line. Recognising equivalence of decimal and fraction forms of 1/2s and 1/10s. We will also, as ever, incorporate solving word problems in lessons.

In Science we will be learning about habitats. This will be incorporated in a trip to Highams Park lake so that we can observe a range of different animals and plants and where they live.
In Geography we will continue to look at the Indian Village of Chembakolli. On the 14th March, we will be having a representative from ActionAid coming to school to talk to both classes about the work they do to help the people of the village. We will be combining this with activities such as Indian sweet making, cooking and making Mendhi patterns for our hands.
                                                 Description: http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4746747587331319&pid=15.1

In RE we will be looking at the importance of Easter for Christians.
Dates for your diary:
Book Fair Friday 7th March (details to follow
Chembakolli Day Friday 14th March

As last term:
We hope that all is going well with the projects and we are looking forward to seeing the end results
Maths Please ensure that homework books are sent in on Thursdays so they can be marked and returned with the homework for the following week. We are also doing times tables tests every week. Please ensure that your child practises for each test. If they know all their tables, they can practise their division facts.
Spellings: As last term, weekly tests on Thursdays in both classes.
Reading Books: We have noticed that a lot of children are unable to change their books weekly as the home school diary is not being signed. Please ensure that you read with your child every day. They need to practise the skills they are being taught in school so that their reading progresses. Practising intonation, expression and fluency are important.
We hope that you will sign up for parents evening on 25th and 26th March (In 4EL) and 25th March and 1st April (in 4JL). (Letters to follow shortly). We look forward to meeting up with you then.
Best wishes for another fantastic half term.

Miss Lloyd and Mrs Leftwich
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