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03 Jan 2018
Year 4 - Mrs Chetty
For a fantastic start tot he Spring term!
Year 4 - Mrs Chetty

'Star of The Week' List 2017-18

11 Dec 2017 4KC For a fabulous whole class performance of Michael Rosen's 'Words Are Ours' poem!
04 Dec 2017 Unique For very good participation in class discussions!
04 Dec 2017 Felix For his excellent response to Michael Rosen's poetry!
27 Nov 2017 Yamina For writing an interesting detailed story in English!
27 Nov 2017 Aadam For working at a fantastic pace and completing Maths challenges!
20 Nov 2017 George For fantastic beatboxing in Music!
20 Nov 2017 Tien For using interesting conjunctions to extend her sentences!
06 Nov 2017 4KC For their great effort with dressing up and their enthusiam on international day!
30 Oct 2017 Amelie For her valuable contributions towards class discussions!
30 Oct 2017 Joshua For excellent results in his science assessment on the topic Sounds!
16 Oct 2017 Siann For her enthusiasm and fantastic participation in History!
16 Oct 2017 Aadam For achieving full marks in his Arithmetic and Problem Solving & Reasoning tests!
09 Oct 2017 Gabriel For a very good improvement noted in his attitude towards his learning!
09 Oct 2017 Joseph For excellent work on calculating time intervals in Maths!
02 Oct 2017 Maximilian For working very hard in English this week!
02 Oct 2017 Melissa For very good use of fronted adverbials in her sentences!
25 Sep 2017 Eloise For demonstrating a positive attitude towards her learning across the curriculum!
25 Sep 2017 Harry For very good use of expanded noun phrases in his sentences!
18 Sep 2017 Ata For sharing his prior knowledge on the Romans with confidence in History!
18 Sep 2017 Cillian For working at a great pace in Maths and presenting his work neatly!
11 Sep 2017 Monty For justifying his opinions using valid reasons during class discussions!
11 Sep 2017 Eliza For writing an interesting diary entry in the role of a character!

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