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3RT Food and drink symbolising my life

15 Jan 2014

In RE we are currently looking at signs and symbols.  On Tuesday we looked at the Passover and what it meant to the Jewish faith.  We were particularly interested in the food and drink that they celebrated this occasion with and what it symbolised.  So we discussed the story of Moses and the Israelites finally escaping Egypt after years of slavery and what God did to help them.  We then looked at the sedar plate and found out why they celebrated with this meal.

The children in 3RT were then asked to imagine they were thousands and thousands of miles from home and they were to prepare a meal that reminded them of home.  Some of the responses were both wonderful and extremely creative.

Can you see one of your symbols below?  What else do you know about the Passover?  Add any comments below.

A banana symbolises happiness as it looks like a smiling face.

Mashed potato symbolises comfort as it reminds me of my blanket.

A red apple symbolises consideration at Handsworth as the C is red.

Spaghetti reminds me of my skipping rope and I love to skip.

A burger symbolises a trampoline as it is round and bouncy.

Orange juice reminds me of happy times.

Spaghetti looks like my Mums hair.

A candy cane reminds me of Christmas, a happy time.

Pork symbolises my love of football as footballs used to be made from pigs bladder.

Meatballs represent that I am not alone because there are lots of them.

Water symbolises my motheres tears as I would be far away.

Chips remind me of my teddies because they are small and soft.

Meatballs remind me of my cats because they can roll around and my cats are playful.

Well done 3RT, I am very impressed with these.

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Thank you for putting some up! Boris
Mrs Sukran Richter - 07 Feb 2014 - 20:10
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