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08 Jan 2018
Year 3 - Mrs Green/ Mr Oakley
For working hard during science.
Year 3 - Mrs Green/ Mr Oakley
08 Jan 2018
Year 3 - Mrs Green/ Mr Oakley
For a lovely water colour of a rock.
Year 3 - Mrs Green/ Mr Oakley

'Star of The Week' List 2017-18

01 Jan 2018 Joseph For making interesting contributions during discussion on new class reader.
01 Jan 2018 Umaynah For working hard on learning her tables
11 Dec 2017 Adam Working hard on his newspaper report.
11 Dec 2017 Krystal Working really hard on her newspaper report
04 Dec 2017 Jack For fantastic maths work
04 Dec 2017 Henry For trying hard to use interesting vocabulary in his writing
27 Nov 2017 Yakub For working well within his group when constructing the Iron Man
27 Nov 2017 Nathaniel For some good work in English
20 Nov 2017 Kayla For trying hard in English
20 Nov 2017 Miles For some excellent descriptive writing
06 Nov 2017 Emily For excellent science work..
06 Nov 2017 Hayal For a colourful painting of the great wave
30 Oct 2017 Gabi For always working hard.
30 Oct 2017 George For always working hard.
16 Oct 2017 Humphry for working hard in science.
16 Oct 2017 Daniya for trying hard with her reading.
09 Oct 2017 Nathanael For always trying to the best of his ability.
09 Oct 2017 Safiya For excellent scientific thinking.
02 Oct 2017 Aimee For an excellent retelling of a story in character
02 Oct 2017 Qais For trying really hard with his writing this week.
25 Sep 2017 Cliodhna For an excellent oil pastel of her setting in her picture book
25 Sep 2017 Izabela For an excellent oil pastel of her setting in her picture book
18 Sep 2017 Sophie For an excellent story
18 Sep 2017 Joshua For working hard in maths
11 Sep 2017 Jessica For working hard in maths.
11 Sep 2017 Archie For working hard on his writing.
04 Sep 2017 Class For all making a great start to year 3.

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